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Join us for the 5-day Purpose Reboot Challenge

Discover your purpose! Commit to your message! Influence the World around you!

What is your purpose?

Maybe you have always known what calls to you, you just have silenced those calls.

Maybe you are on the cusp of finding what you are meant to do in this world, but haven't grabbed hold of it yet.

Maybe you've never given any thought to your purpose. (There's always time to start, how about now?)

However your purpose comes to you, only YOU can access it, manifest it and steward it into this world.


You have a PURPOSE!!

But are you serving it?

It's time for a REBOOT

Whether you know your purpose or not, we can all admit to sometimes letting important things sit on the backburner -- or worse : we ignore them entirely.

We set them aside for when we "have the time for them", or we lie to ourselves that they aren't practical or that others will judge us for pursuing them. If only we lived in a world where following your purpose was the expectation, and not something you do on the side or run from.

Here's where the Reboot comes into play: Now is the time to say goodbye to all of the forces on the outside saying your purpose isn't worth your time. Now is the time reset how you have been conditioned to view your purpose. Now is the time to listen to what comes from within you.

You know you have a calling.

You know that leaving that calling unanswered can cause stress and strain.

We know how to bridge the gap between recognizing your purpose and taking action to serve it.

"Nothing will divert me from my purpose."

-Abraham Lincoln

Here’s a powerful piece of intelligence we’ve dispensed to our clients over and over again during our combined 60 years in publishing and visibility coaching. Until you know why you’re here on the planet - that ONE thing that you were born to do and give to the world - you won’t be ready to share your message with the world.

We get it. You have fears. No one said taking the leap to serve your purpose would be easy. But dying with your message and your creative offerings still inside your head isn't any easier.

Your book, your podcast, your art piece, your music, your dance exhibition. It's all there inside of you. All that you need to do is dedicate yourself to embracing your creative process. Even if you are just now starting with this challenge. Starting is the hardest part, because starting means you've allowed yourself to shift your focus, to prioritize your purpose.

Allow yourself to reboot.

"Purpose is just a concept, until YOU turn it into an action."

Why creatives like you need to reboot.

We’ve been trained to put our “ego” aside, to deny our own value and be humble. We’re being told to not stick out - or be too much. We’ve been trained to create with our minds and ignore the screaming of our Hearts begging us to fulfil the reason why we’re here. We’ve been conditioned away from trusting our intuitive knowing that we’re here to contribute something powerful to the world. We’ve been schooled in “fitting in” and not “standing out”.

You know this. And perhaps for a while you believed it and followed it. But you got stuck, discouraged, shifted your focus. We get it. The world around us is constantly changing. New stressors are coming into our perspectives on almost a daily basis. There is uncertainty, confusion, anxiety, and a whole list of things that can steal our attention from serving out purpose. That's why we need to take dedicated time to reboot. To figure out a way through all of the chaos to find our own clarity and stay true to what we are here to do. To stand out. To exercise our creativity despite all the forces that are trying to distract us from it.

Join us for the 5-day Purpose Reboot Challenge!

During this challenge you’re going to learn:

•  How to find your true Purpose and devote yourself to it
• The difference between procrastination and percolation
•  Discover what’s really underneath your excuses and how to blow through them and LIVE YOUR PURPOSE
•  Learn how your creativity is your unique path to navigating the world around you
•  How to really get started and the exact next right step you need to take to write your book, start that podcast, or commit to making your art
•  How to tackle blocks and feeling stuck so that you keep creating no matter what
•  Why rebooting and refocusing is essential for realigning with everything changing around you
•  How to get clarity about your book, your podcast, music, art - whatever it is that is yours to do in the world

The 5-Day Purpose Reboot Challenge runs daily from November 4 - 8
This Challenge will come with bonus tools and materials to keep you focused on your purpose.

We look forward to seeing you there!

Big Hugs,
Michelle and the GracePoint Team

P.S. Join us and we guarantee that you’ll walk away with a deeper sense of purpose, a more clear connection with your purpose and at least THREE things you can do to stay on track when your excuses feel like they’re “winning”.

Don’t put your pens, your paintbrushes or you music away because the world is heavy right now. Use your creativity as your unique form of combat against what feels so wrong to your Heart. Acknowledge the changing world around you and use it to realign with where your purpose needs to guide you to make the differences you know you can make. Whatever you do, don't give up on your purpose. 

The words you write, the colors your splash, the moves you make are all powerful acts of living you purpose. We need your inspiration to keep the doors of creative possibility open.

You can change the world.

Join us!