20% Make the Leap - Less than 1% Succeed - 80% Never Try

Which one are you?

FREE WEBINAR: Navigating Change by Design: How to "Quit" Your Current Life, Divorce the Current Reality, Create Meaningful Work, Leave a Legacy, Change the World, Be Relentlessly Authentic and Have Fun Doing it!

Thursday, March 3 @ 7pm Central

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More people than ever before in history are quitting their jobs or thinking about how to cultivate a lifestyle that is more meaningful…more aligned with their values and their priorities.


The news claims that employees want better pay and greater work-life balance. Parents want to spend more time with their children. People are retiring early instead of pounding out those extra few years.

Some people report that they’re just plain miserable. 

Almost everyone feels burned out.

Only a third of Americans claim to be engaged with their jobs.

42 percent of women report themselves as burned out compared with 32 percent in 2020. For men it jumped to 35 percent from 28 percent. (My informal research says that these reported numbers are actually much too low.)


We have paid enormous personal costs for getting to the top and fighting in the name of scarcity, lack and the idea that there’s a “fair” share and in order to claim it, you have to hustle.

This is the vibe and the mindset that runs capitalism and sparks global war.

We think quitting, getting a better job - or starting our own businesses - will help. (If you think that’s true, watch my TEDx talk on why getting a better job won’t change a thing)

But are our “jobs” and our razor thin definition of “success" really the problem or the symptom? Is work keeping us from creating a truly meaningful life? 

Here’s the cold, hard truth: If you make big changes in your life without know who you are, how you operate and exactly what you need to make clear, aligned changes in your life you run the risk of ending up in the same place, in the same pattern, over and over and over…

Not only that, you run the risk of continuing to make choices that reflect a disconnect from your true value and discounts the power of your innate creativity.

We’ve seen it again and again.

Corporate leaders, accountants, executives, “essential” workers, health care professionals, therapists, anyone who has traded their time for (not enough) dollars quitting their “day” job and striking out to make their dreams come true.  

It starts first with trying to build a business on the side - maybe you start your “side hustle” before you even quit your “day” job in the hopes that you can make enough money on the side to be able to quit without financial strain.

Or you take some much-deserved time off swearing that you’ll use the time to get clear about your goals and start to engineer a life of freedom…

Or you rearrange your priorities, focus on your family, gardening and your home life…

Maybe you get your new life “off the ground” but before long you look around and you realize that, even though you’ve got a bit more freedom, you’re really still stuck in a new kind of grind or that the feeling of dissatisfaction followed you home and is still rumbling in the undercurrents of your mind.

New life, same story.

You get tired of hanging out in your pajamas until 4 pm - just because you can.

You miss that nameless “something” that used to fire you up and keep you moving forward.

You start to realize that what you’re looking for isn’t really about creating a new kind of work. You’re craving impact, a mission and a purpose.

And a way to live it that is abundant, meaningful and also affords you time to pay attention to the things in your life that are truly important to you.

You realize that what was missing was true purpose in your life - the feeling that your life and your life’s work mattered.  

And maybe it’s not about a “job”…

Maybe it’s about claiming Who You Are and actually doing what you came here to do.  

Please join me on Thursday, March 3 at 7:00 pm Central for a free one-hour webinar, Navigating Change by Design. 

You’re going to learn:

• How to get clear about what you really want
• How to dial into your unique and essential way of making decisions
• What you need to feel grounded and stable during a cycle of change
• How to make the leap in a conscious, deliberate and calculated way
• 3 essential things you MUST do to avoid getting yourself trapped in the same situation over and over again
• How to tell whether you’re ready to take the leap
• The one thing you have to do first before you build your new life
• How to activate our Quantum Creativity
• Why YOU proclaiming your Authentic Self is the very first and vital step you MUST take if you’re going to leave a legacy and change the world

I look forward to giving you the keys to helping you unlock the door to your future -a life that feels rich and aligned - and watching you fulfill YOUR real job on the planet - the one only you can fulfill.

See you there!

From my Heart to Yours,


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